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Specifications - Benches

V1/H- Hat and Coat Hooks- Single Hooks

V1/W- Coat Hooks- Single Hooks

H75- Hat and Coat Hook Rail

W75- Coat Hook Rail

HW75- Hat and Coat/ Coat Hook Rail

H170- Hat and Coat Hook Rail

W170- Coat Hook Rail

HW170- Hat and Coat Hook Rail

Semi-Island- Hat and Coat/ Coat Hook

Corners- Hate and Coat/ Coat Hook

Specificatins - Hooks

Specifications - Hangers

NV2.1 - Shelf with one row of nylon hooks

NV10- Hook rail with nylon hooks

NV1-PH- Shelf with acry;ic hangers

NV1- Shelf with moulded hangers

NV3 - Shelf with moulded hangers and hooks

NV2.3C- Shelf with three rows of aluminium cup hooks


BinnsGOF Brochure

BinnsGOF Brochure - Hookamals

BinnsGOF Brochure - Reverse Hooks

BinnsGOF Brochure - W Style Hooks

BinnsGOF Brochure - H Style Hooks

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