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Dimensions: seat depth 13"; length 51 1/2" – note that the length is the standard option, and we can generally supply to your own requirements, often at no extra cost. 
Frame: the framework is made from hollow-section heavy-gauge steel tube and is a fully welded assembly. Supports are equally spaced at maximum 49" centers. The finish is powder coated in a colour of your choice in colour combinations from the full RAL range. 
Slats: slats are produced from sustainable Vermont white ash, 3" x 1 1/4", and finished with a sustainable hard-wearing water-based lacquer. Timber slats are trimmed on site to the exact length to fit the desired space. 
Suitable wall types: solid walls of at least medium density blockwork. Note that it is possible to fix cantilever benches on timber stud or partition walls by fixing 1 inch plywood on top of the studs. 
Installation: on installation, the seat and shelf corner slats are mitred on site and steel plates are supplied to support the mitred joints. If shoetrays are required, they stop at the seat supports nearest the corners. 

Additional Options 
The Variset VZ7A cantilever wall bench come with the option of shoetrays (Code VZ7B). These are made from heavy-duty angle frame and .1 inch wire mesh. 

Why choose this product? 
The VZ7A is a cantilever wall bench. Using a wall fixed bench means that no floor supports are required. This makes cleaning under the seating much easier, both for retrieving old crisp packets and stray sports bags, and for maintaining the floor surface. In addition, changing rooms and pavilions are increasingly turning to under-floor heating. In these instances, cantilever benches have an advantage over freestanding options, which can lead to damage to under-floor pipes when they are secured to the floor. Of course, cantilever benches are ideal to run over conventional, wall supported heat sources. The seating protects the pipes from damage, and the users from being scalded by hot pipes. 

When architects and designers specify a cantilever wall bench, they may not always be aware that sections of the wall are not strong enough to support a wall fixed bench. If the fitter makes such a discovery, the Variset range can easily accommodate this. One of our choice of co-ordinating wall-to-floor benches, such as the VZ7 freestanding wall-and-floor bench, may be chosen instead. The whole Variset range co-ordinates, so a re-design is not necessary, and the change is a comparatively minor amendment.

VZ7A Bench

Finish Options


Technical Information Downloads

Seat depth 13".


No Restrictions for length.

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