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Dimensions: seat height 17 1/4"; seat depth 13"; length 51 1/2" – note that these are the standard option, and we can generally supply to your own requirements, often at no extra cost. 
Frame: the framework is made from hollow-section heavy-gauge steel tube and is a fully welded assembly. Supports are equally spaced at maximum 49" centers. The finish is powder coated in a colour of your choice in colour combinations from the full RAL range. 
Slats: slats are produced from sustainable Vermont white ash, 3" x 1 1/4", and finished with a sustainable hard-wearing water-based lacquer. Timber slats are trimmed on site to the exact length to fit the desired space. 
Installation: on installation, the seat and shelf corner slats are mitred on site and steel plates are supplied to support the mitred joints. If shoetrays are required, they stop at the seat supports nearest the corners. 

Additional Options 
Variset VZ9 benches come with the option of shoetrays (Code VZ10). These are made from heavy-duty angle frame and .1 inch wire mesh. Other accessories include a security locking system and hanger numbering options. 

Why choose this product? 
The Variset VZ9 is the same width as our VZ7A cantilever wall bench, at 13". However, unlike the VZ7A, it is freestanding, so is an ideal bench for hollow walls. As it is a narrow option, the bench can be fitted into confined spaces, where additional seating is required. This might include along a corridor leading to a changing room or foyer, for example. 

Choosing the VZ9 with an optional shoe tray helps to prevent footwear cluttering up the changing room floor, where they form an additional hazard to the unwary. For children’s changing room areas, they also help to ensure that each child ends up with the correct pair of shoes at the end of the day! Thanks to our bespoke service, we can tailor our benches to your requirements in other ways. For example, we can provide cut-down benches suitable for children. These are popular with architects designing for nursery schools or for infant classes. 

With the VZ9 you can select our co-ordinating range of coat hooks. These can be coloured to match the supports. In this case, 3" spacers have been used – our Variset H75 option. However, other spacings are available. Just give us a call to find out more. 

Binns specialises in high-quality changing room furniture. Our bench for hollow walls is part of our Variset range, which is designed to mix and match, so that the architect or designer has a wide choice of co-ordinating products. Our commitment to design is exemplified by our collaboration with Sir Kenneth Grange, the noted product designer. The association began in 1970, and we are proud to acknowledge his hand in our designs.

VZ9 Bench

Finish Options


Technical Information Downloads

Seat height 17 1/4"; seat depth 13".


No Restrictions for length.

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