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Reverse Multiple Hooks

Reverse Multiple Hooks

Reverse Multiple Hooks

Why choose this product?
The reverse coat hooks are specially designed to sit behind a protective shield to the avoid problems associated with projecting hooks in highly trafficked areas.

These coat hooks are particularly popular in schools, as children are less safety conscious than adults. In addition, school pegs are often placed at a lower height than for adult environments, to make them more accessible for young people. However, this puts these hooks at eye level for taller children. Of course, an additional benefit is that hooks are also protected from damage by children swinging their school bags. Even the toughest hook may be vulnerable to a side swipe from a heavy bag. The protective shield prevents children inadvertently breaking off coat pegs.
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    Reverse hooks: Made from extruded aluminium and fixed by an M8 x 12 socket head bolt.

    Wall brackets: made from mild steel and fixed to an extruded aluminium front cover. These brackets have integral 8.5 x 20mm fixing slots. Intermediate brackets can be fixed as required.

    Moulded end caps: these finish the exposed ends of the front cover rail.

    Wall fixings: these are to be supplied by the installer to suit site conditions. On installation, hooks are usually centered at 3 3/4" or 7 1/2", but can be supplied to any center required.

    Finish: the finish of all elements is powder coated in color combinations from the full RAL range.
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