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Dimensions:seat depth 15 3/4"; standard length 59" – note that we can supply to any length. 


Frame: 1 1/8" by 1 1/8" powder coated mild steel. The bench supports are 5mm thick. The frame over the seat is 2mm/.1 inch thick. We offer a full range of colors, alongside our standard silver-grey option. 

Slats: Our standard choice is 1 inch-thick solid beech from sustainably sourced woodland. For wet areas, particularly chlorinated environments such as swimming pools, we recommend compact-grade laminate slats. This is more expensive than solid beech, but won't warp or distort. Again, we can supply it in a range of colors. 

Suitable Wall Types: Solid walls - medium density blockwork, or stronger. Note you can mount a wall fixed bench on timber stud or partition walls by fixing plywood on the studs. 

Additional Options 
Our benches can be supplied with shoe trays, a popular addition for where it is used as a changing room bench in schools and colleges. For wet environments, mild steel can be pre-treated with an electro zinc coating prior to painting. 

Why choose this product? 
Like our CS1000 bench, the CS4000 is a wall fixed bench that can be used for perimeter seating where the wall is strong enough to carry the weight. This bench has the addition of integral hooks. By fixing plywood on top of the studs, these benches can be fixed onto non-load bearing walls. The extra framework used with the coat pegs allows the load to be spread evenly up the wall. As you can see in the images, we have used our renowned reverse facing hooks. These are a great safety feature, particularly in changing rooms where horseplay after the match can lead to accidents. 

Where the wall is variable, the bench can be mixed with our freestanding benches with hooks. These are popular as a school changing room bench, as the cleaners can gain easy access under the seating. The integral hooks allow the pupils to hang up their bags out of the way. Our bench with integral hooks is popular not only in schools, though. The good value of our Calibre range of products coupled with its great design and backup, means that it is the seating of choice in sports pavilions and other situations. In addition, the option to use laminate slats means that the seating can be matched to the decor required. This is all backed up by our five-year guarantee. 

CS4000 Bench

Finish Options


Seat depth 15 3/4".


No Restrictions for length.


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