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Dimensions: Seat height 19"; seat depth 15 3/4"; standard length 59" – note that we can supply to any length. 


Frame: 2mm/.1 inch-thick powder coated mild steel, dimensions 1 1/8" by 1 1/8" box section. We offer a full range of colors, alongside our standard silver-grey option. 

Slats: Our standard choice is 1 inch-thick solid beech from sustainably sourced woodland. For wet areas, particularly chlorinated environments such as swimming pools, we recommend compact-grade laminate slats. This is more expensive than solid beech, but won't warp or distort. Again, we can supply it in a range of colors. 

Suitable Wall Types: The bench is free standing, so can be used with any types of wall. 

Additional Options 
Our benches can be supplied with coat pegs, such as the CS6000 double sided bench with hooks, and shoe trays. For wet environments, mild steel can be pre-treated with an electro zinc coating prior to painting. 

Why choose this product? 
The CS3000 small wood bench can be used anywhere – as a perimeter bench against the wall, or in the middle of a room, as a free standing bench, for example. The option of using concealed floor fixings means it is extremely rigid. This floor fixing, which comes in each leg, is removable if not required. As the seats can be fixed, they are particularly popular as school benches in changing rooms, where you don't want the benches being moved around regularly. This is also safer where large numbers of pupils are changing. 

The thumbnail photos show some examples. The first two pictures show the small wood bench option. While our beech range is popular, we also sell laminate options (image three), used by schools as benches in damp areas, such as near shower facilities. Besides withstanding damp, they also give you the chance to color coordinate - you just choose your preferred color. 

AJ Binns is a member of the British Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA)
, and so we take product testing extremely seriously. We are delighted to offer a five-year guarantee on our bench seating, so you can be assured that you are receiving a product that will last. For school benches, this gives the head teacher peace of mind that our product will survive the wear and tear of PE lessons and exuberant pupils. This quality is also valued by our other customers.

CS3000 Bench

Finish Options


Seat height 19"; seat depth 15 3/4". 


No Restrictions for length.

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