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Dimensions: Seat height 19"; seat depth 15 3/4"; standard length 59" – note that we can supply to any length. 


Frame: 2mm/.1 inch-thick powder coated mild steel, dimensions 1 1/8" by 1 1/8" box section. We offer a full range of colors, alongside our standard silver-grey option. 

Slats: Our standard choice is 1 inch-thick solid beech from sustainably sourced woodland. For wet areas, particularly chlorinated environments such as swimming pools, we recommend compact-grade laminate slats. This is more expensive than solid beech, but won't warp or distort. Again, we can supply it in a range of colors. 

Suitable Wall Types: Solid walls, non-solid walls and partition walls (noggins required). 

Additional Options 
Our benches can be supplied with hooks, such as the CS5000 bench with hook, and shoe trays. For wet environments, mild steel can be pre-treated with an electro zinc coating prior to painting. 

Why choose this product? 
The CS2000 wall-to-floor bench is ideal for where walls are not strong enough to support our cantilever CS1000 bench. For example, where there is a void between the plasterboard and the walls. The CS2000 is ideal for perimeter benching in these situations, as most of the load is taken by the floor. Note that for benches for partition walls, noggins must be used. These horizontal cross braces help to stabilise the wall and give support. 

These wall-to-floor benches are a popular choice as benches for schools and factories alike, as they are good value and extremely long-lasting. The option of using laminate for the slats also means they can be used alongside swimming pools and in changing rooms, which can be a challenging environment. We offer a five-year guarantee, although we expect these perimeter benches to last much longer. 

Click on the thumbnail photos above to show the benches in situ. The third thumbnail shows our wall-to-floor bench combined with our cantilever bench. While the main walls were strong enough for our cantilever benches, the walls between the changing room and the shower area were weaker. Mixing the types of benches meant the overall design could be maintained. The fourth thumbnail shows how adaptable these benches can be. Here, the floor was sloping, but the wall wasn't strong enough for wall mounted seating. We were able to supply supports with adjustable legs, to ensure the slats were horizontal. 

CS2000 Bench

Finish Options


Seat height 19"; seat depth 15 3/4". 


No Restrictions for length.

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