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Dimensions: Seat depth 15 3/4";  standard length 59" – note that we can supply to any length. 

Frame: 5mm/.2 inch-thick powder coated mild steel, dimensions 1 1/8" by 1 1/8". We offer a full range of colors, alongside our standard silver-grey option.    

Slates: Our standard choice is 1 inch-thick solid beech from sustainably sourced woodland. For wet areas, particularly chlorinated environments such as swimming pools, we recommend compact-grade laminate slats. This is more expensive than solid beech, but won't warp or distort. Again, we can supply it in a range of colors. 

Suitable Wall Types: Solid walls of at least medium density blockwork. Note that it is possible to fix cantilever benches on timber stud or partition walls by fixing plywood on top of the studs.   

Additional Options 
Our benches can be supplied with coat pegs, such as the CS5000 bench with hooks, and shoe trays. For wet environments, mild steel can be pre-treated with an electro zinc coating prior to painting.   

Why choose this product? 
Cantilever benches are a popular choice where the wall is strong enough to provide support – see the specifications above. An advantage of wall mounted benches is that they allow for easy cleaning under the seating. For school benches, for example, it means that pupils can easily pop their bags under the seats, without them getting tangled up in the supports. Where there is under-floor heating, a wall mounted bench also prevents the risk of the installer bursting a pipe while attaching the metal supports to the floor. 

One quandary a designer may have is whether the wall is strong enough to support cantilever benches throughout. Where the wall is variable, the CS1000 can be mixed and matched with our other Calibre options, allowing the integrity of the design to be maintained. For example, the wall-to-floor CS2000 allows the majority of the load to be shared with the floor, while for stud and partition walls, the free standing CS3000 is the bench of choice. 

We originally designed our Calibre benches with schools in mind, and our five-year guarantee gives our customers peace of mind, knowing that the product will withstand heavy use by pupils. Of course, the qualities that make Calibre ideal for school benches also apply to other environments, and we now find our customers come from a range of areas. The one attribute they have in common is that they see the benefit of combining design and strength with reasonable prices. We have developed our range to include a choice of colors and finishes – scroll up to our specifications for further details. The views above show some of the cantilever bench options available. There is no need to be limited to what you see – we are happy to work with you to match a color scheme.


CS1000 Bench

Finish Options


Seat depth 15 3/4". 


No Restrictions for length.

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